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Significant Weather Advisory At 141 PM Edt Scattered Showers And Possible Thunderstorms Were Developling Along A Line From Grand Rapids Southwest Towards South Haven. The Showers Were Moving Northeast At 40 Mph. Wind Gusts Of At Least 40 Mph With Some Downed Tree Limbs Along With Brief Heavy Downpours Will Occur With These Storms Through 400 PM Edt. Keep An Eye To The Sky In The Followig Locations And Be Ready To Head To Shelter Grand Rapids Lansing Kalamazoo Battle Creek Portage Mount Pleasant Ionia Alma Charlotte Albion Greenville Mason St. Johns Hastings Marshall Belding Eaton Rapids Allegan Portland Plainwell These Storms May Intensify So Be Certain To Monitor Local Radio And Tv Stations As Well As Local Cable Tv Outlets For Additional Information And Possible Warnings From The National Weather Service. Lat Lon 4207 8621 4224 8622 4224 8631 4347 8536 4381 8461 4347 8461 4346 8437 4279 8437 4278 8432 4242 8451 4242 8472 4208 8471 Time Mot Loc 1741z 222deg 43kt 4309 8540 4231 8593
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