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Wind Advisory Remains In Effect Until 7 PM Est 6 PM Cst This Evening - Winds Southwest Winds Will Turn More Westerly As A Cold Front Pushes Through This Morning. Sustained Winds Of 20 To 25 Mph Will Be Likely With Gusts To Around 45 Mph Possible. - Timing Gusty Winds Will Continue Early This Morning And Increase In Strength Toward Sunrise. The Strongest Wind Gusts Will Be From Sunrise Through Early Afternoon. - Impacts A Few Trees Or Power Lines May Be Blown Down. Isolated Power Outages Will Be Possible. Driving Will Be Difficult Especially If Driving A High Profile Vehicle. PRECAUTIONARY ACTIONS A Wind Advisory Means That Sustained Winds Of 30 To 39 Mph Or Wind Gusts From 40 To 57 Mph Are Expected. Winds This Strong Can Make Driving Difficult Especially For High Profile Vehicles. Weakened Trees May Also Be Blown Over And Unsecured Outdoor Objects Will Be Blown Around By The Wind. Use Extra Caution.
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