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Wind Advisory Remains In Effect Until 6 AM Cst Early This Morning - Timing Through 6 AM Cst. - Winds North Winds Of 25 To 35 Mph Will Decrease To 15 To 25 Mph Toward Daybreak. - Impacts Strong North Winds May Result In Driving Difficulties On East- West Oriented Roadways Especially For Lightweight And High- Profile Vehicles. Strong North Winds Combined With A Mix Of Wintry Precipitation Will Reduce Visibilities. In Addition Strong North Winds Combined With Cold Temperatures Will Result In Wind Chill Values In The Single Digits And Teens. PRECAUTIONARY ACTIONS A Wind Advisory Means That Sustained Winds Of At Least 20 To 30 Mph Are Expected. Winds This Strong Can Make Driving Difficult Especially For High Profile Vehicles. Boaters Should Use Extra Caution When Venturing Onto Area Lakes. Residents May Wish To Take Action To Secure Trash Cans Lawn Furniture And Other Lightweight Outdoor Objects That May Be Blown Around In The Strong Winds.
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