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The National Weather Service In Houstongalveston Has Issued A - Flood Warning For Tomorrow Morning. The River Will Fall Below Flood Stage Tomorrow Late Evening. The Navasota River Near Normangee. - From Tuesday Afternoon Until Further Notice Or Until The Warning Is Canceled. - At 10 PM Monday The Stage Was 14.5 Feet. - Minor Flooding Is Forecast. - Flood Stage Is 15.0 Feet. - Forecast The River Is Expected To Rise Above Flood Stage Tuesday Morning. - At 17.0 Feet Minor Lowland Flooding Begins In The Vicinity If The Gage With Widespread Inundation Of The Flood Plain. Lat Lon 3111 9622 3097 9619 3087 9614 3087 9624 3097 9629 3111 9633
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